5 Brilliant Tips For a Stress-Free Home Closing

5 Brilliant Tips For a Stress-Free Home Closing

  • 02/26/18

Selling a house can be a long and arduous process.

Finalizing your home closing may seem comparatively easy from the rest of the journey, but only if done correctly. To make sure everything is accounted for, you must be thorough and patient.

Take things one step at a time to ensure a stress-free closing. Between the moment your deal is in escrow and the moment the keys are finally handed over, be careful not to make any costly mistakes.

Follow these five tips to make the process easier.

1. Nail the Home Closing Date

Optimize your closing date for the least time wasted, ending on the last day that your lease ends. Overlapping dates or gaps between moving and closing could become costly.

It’s also smart to coincide this date with time off from work so that you can be there for everything.

The ideal date would be at the end of the month on a weekend, saving you the most time and money on interest.

2. Know the Closing Costs

Don’t get caught off-guard when the closing date comes and you learn what fees and costs are your responsibility with your home closing.

If you’re using an agent, they should have already given you the exact payment of taxes and fees owed. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for knowing how much it costs to process the sale and transfer the deed.

3. Calculate Homeowner’s Insurance

Get as many policy quotes as you can for your home.

The insurance rate will change as the owners do, based on your age, coverage, and bundled with other insurance. Recent natural disasters can also cause rates to go up.

4. Conduct an Inspection

Preparing your house for closing is more than just cleaning house. You want every nook and cranny inspected. All personal items and customization need to be removed (unless advertised with the home), and every fixture checked.

There are some ways that you can make your house even more saleable, which can speed up a home closing.

When it comes time for inspection, nothing should be left to chance. The fewer items marked down, the smoother the closing process will be for everyone.

5. Final Walkthrough and Signing

Schedule a walk through the week leading up to the closing date. This step is so you can guarantee everything is in order, all repairs fulfilled, and that nothing is left behind.

For the final signing, collect the seller disclosures, purchase contract, and closing statement.

Don’t lose these documents since they protect you from unreasonable demands or challenges by the buyer.

Use a Realtor for Home Closing

This whole process, even when you’re 100% prepared and have sold properties in the past, can still run into stressful roadblocks. That’s why having an experienced realtor on your side is preferred.

Unfortunately, there are buyers out there who feel like they can take advantage of the closing process.

Make sure that you never have to worry about having your time wasted by indecisive buyers or paperwork errors.

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