5 Strategies to Staging a House to Sell Fast

5 Strategies to Staging a House to Sell Fast

  • 11/29/17

Staging a home is an effective way to make a house look as appealing as possible, so it sells quickly. It’s a common practice in real estate because it gets results.

Careful staging is more important than many realize. Without it, your home could be on the market for far longer than you’d want.

If you’re interested in selling your home in a timely manner, we’ve got five great staging strategies to help you do it quickly.

Read on to learn more about setting your house up for success.

1. Clutter Control

When a potential buyer walks through your house, they want to imagine what their furniture and belongings will look like in the each room. They’ll want to see the spaces and lines of what might be their new home.

As you can imagine, this would be difficult to envision if the house they’re being shown is crammed with the current owner’s belongings.

Clearing out your clutter is a cheap way to improve the look and appeal of your home immediately. A clutter-free space suggests:

  • That the home was well-maintained
  • That there are perfect spots for all their possessions
  • That the home is move-in ready

You’ll want to remove personal items, smaller knickknacks, and collectibles. Family photos, awards, trophies, and similar items distract the buyer and make it more difficult for them to imagine the home as theirs.

2. Careful with the Colors

Color choice is important when you’re giving your home a quick makeover before selling. Colors are a very personal thing, and one that you love may be one that a potential buyer can’t stand.

You’ll need to use light, neutral colors when repainting, for several reasons. Colors, such as light grays, light tans and creamy whites, are great picks.

These neutrals will:

  • Make the space seem bigger and more open
  • Give the space a blank canvas feel so buyers can imagine their belongings in it
  • Make spaces look clean

When repainting, be sure to address the trim, crown molding, baseboards, and ceilings.

Whether they’re first-time home buyers or seasoned ones, all potential buyers will be impressed with a fresh coat of nice paint.

3. Wash Your Windows

This one is simple, quick, and extremely important. It takes very little effort, but the impact on your home’s appeal is immediate and significant.

Freshly cleaned windows will:

  • Make the home look brighter inside because light comes in more freely
  • Increase curb appeal
  • Give each room an overall fresh, clean appearance

e sure to clean the inside and the outside for crystal clear windows.

4. Don’t Leave It Empty

While clutter removal is essential, it’s best not to have an empty house.

Always leave enough well-arranged furniture and decor to make the home look cozy and inviting.

5. Go Bright with Light

You’ve cleared your clutter, made space and repainted in light colors. How else can you brighten your space without spending a ton?

Address all your lights to make everything shine. Clean all light fixtures, toss broken bulbs, and replace everything with high-watt bulbs to give your space a clean, big, bright look.

Staging Your Home for a Quicker Sale

Staging your home doesn’t have to be expensive or even very extensive. It’s all about making the space look appealing so buyers can see themselves in it in the near future.

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