Decorate Your Staten Island Real Estate Outdoor Space

Decorate Your Staten Island Real Estate Outdoor Space

  • 04/30/21

As the country continues to climb out of COVID 19, Americans are ready to be with friends and family to celebrate the summer safely!

Summer is all about unwinding. It is about simple pleasures. It is about being able not to wear shoes for 24 hours at a time.

This summer, flex those hosting muscles. Showing a great time to the people you care about is a fantastic feeling. Of course, you are going to want to make sure each of your guests feels as comfortable as possible while doing so.

Wonica Realtors wants to help you make your summer a memorable one. Navigating Staten Island real estate can be a little confusing, but we are here to make your search as easy as possible to get that perfect home just in time for summer!

You can do all kinds of things to make your patio or yard a fun, relaxing, and COVID safe space.

Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing to make this summer truly special!

Lights, Camera, Action

Who doesn’t love movie night? We know we sure do.

While going to the movie theater might still not be a viable option for larger groups of people, that should not keep you from bringing the fun home!

Home projectors and screens have become a very popular option for those looking to re-create the theater experience. Set up some chairs in the yard/patio that is comfortably distanced from one another and pop up the projector and screen.

Have fun with it! Grab a vintage popcorn machine, put out a selection of your favorite movie theater candies, and have various beverages all of your guests can access while social distancing.

Oh, and make sure you pick a night with good weather. Nobody likes soggy popcorn.

Outdoor Game Night

Do you love healthy competition? Do you love seeing your friends and family get silly and goofy?

If so, then a game night will be right up your alley!

Charades. Pictionary. Pop culture trivia. Bingo.

The options are endless, and they can all easily be played socially distanced. A game night is a great way to keep everybody excited and involved. You can have teams, tournaments, and prizes along the way!

Dealing with COVID 19 has felt isolating for so many of us, and games are a great way to get everyone feeling just a little more “normal” with one another.

A COVID Safe Space for Just the Adults

Sometimes you will only want to be with your peer group. Have the kids stay inside and enjoy some time with just adults.

If you have the budget, hiring a private bartender who can safely serve up cocktails, beer, and wine to you and your friends as you enjoy some socially distanced conversation can be a great way to spend a summer night.

If you are looking to have a more cost-efficient gathering, consider pot luck! Have your guests each make enough individual portions for however many people will be attending!

But always make sure there are drinks, of course.

Your Staten Island Real Estate Experts

We need to continue to be responsible as we make our summer plans. Creating a COVID safe space and having fun are not mutually exclusive.

Your home is your sanctuary.

At Wonica Realtors, we are dedicated to helping you find your dream property so that you can finally have the gatherings you’ve always wanted!

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