How to Maximize Your Home's Curb Appeal in the Staten Island Real Estate Market

How to Maximize Your Home's Curb Appeal in the Staten Island Real Estate Market

  • George S. Wonica
  • 09/15/22

Median home sale prices are up more than 13% in the Staten Island area of New York City right now. You can earn some serious equity or cash for your home when you understand how to make improvements.

Curb appeal improvements are some of the best you can make for your home, making it competitive in the real estate market.

These tips will help you learn about the Staten Island real estate market and how you can make crucial curb appeal improvements that will make a difference.

Study the Staten Island Real Estate Market

Staten Island has a population of roughly 475,000, and there are plenty of real estate opportunities. Before selling a house in Staten Island, you should understand the current state of housing, the average price, and how much people should expect to pay in taxes.

Some of the neighborhoods in the Staten Island borough include Todt Hill, St. George, Tompkinsville, and West Brighton. Walk through these neighborhoods and get a feel for the curb appeal improvements homeowners have made to improve their home values.

Consider Some Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

When youimprove curb appeal, you have the chance to get a 7% greater home sale price. Staten Island aside, there are some curb appeal improvements that you can make to get the most out of your property, including:

  • Installing porch lights and driveway lights to illuminate your landscape
  • Planting trees, trimming shrubs, and planting fresh grass in your yard
  • Painting the front of your home and the front door
  • Replacing the garage door and mailbox
  • Set up some planter beds or fresh flowers

Make your home an inviting place that welcomes people when they travel past it or pull up to it. You'll enjoy incredible equity improvements by fixing up your curb appeal.

Make Some Substantial Home Improvements

Sometimes it's best to make more heavy-duty home improvements to enhance your curb appeal. Examples of some more substantial home improvements include:

  • Installing a new porch or driveway
  • Changing out your siding
  • Replacing your roof
  • Buy new windows
  • Change out your downspouts and gutters

You'll need to work with a home improvement professional to make sure that the work is being handled correctly and in a way that provides you with the equity that you need.Get the help of a home appraiser that can let you know how much your property is worth.

Handle each curb appeal enhancing project piece by piece to ensure it's done correctly. Shop around for price quotes and make sure that you update your homeowner's insurance policy.

Get the Best Home ROI

The tips above will help you get the best from the Staten Island real estate market. It's a real estate market that is ripe for the picking when you know which improvements to make.

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