Staten Island Real Estate Tips: Should You Stage Your Home Differently Depending on the Season?

Staten Island Real Estate Tips: Should You Stage Your Home Differently Depending on the Season?

  • 08/20/20

Did you know that half of all sellers described that staging a house helped boost the dollar amount by 1% to 20%? Staging a home is essential for any buyer to imagine themselves living in their future home. How do you stage a house during different seasons?

Do not worry. With this guide, you can find out! From spring to winter, you can easily stage your house with these tips.

Now, are you ready to dive in? Here are the best staging tips for Staten island real estate.

Different Seasons Will Evoke Different Emotions

Each season is special in its own way, and naturally, every homebuyer wants to feel what they feel during that season. The best thing you can do is to stage each room of your home.

After all, people want to know that a house can supply the environment they want during a specific season. Thus, if a buyer likes what they see or is even emotionally attached due to the ambiance, it increases the chances of a sale.

How to Stage a Home For the Seasons

To stage each season, look at what it represents and then decide what colors, scents, and decorations should be used to best depict a certain season. Now, here are a few tips to make the entire process go by in a flash:


Spring is often said to be a time of renewal. Thus, you will want to plant some fresh flowers and make your front yard look crisp and clean.

While inside your home, use accent colors, like pale pink, yellow, or light green, to tie in the concept of spring. You can even put up paintings of flowers, birds, or the sun for an extra effect. Just do not forget to open some windows and let some natural light stream in.


Since summer is usually tied in with the thought of the beach, use decorations, like flip-flops, seashells, or a beach chair, to hint at the season. However, make sure the decorations are sprinkled around the house sporadically and not just in one clump.

While outside, make sure all weeds are always clipped and keep the lawn mowed. Summertime is a season for outdoor play, thus make sure the outside of the house is in perfect condition.


Fall is a season that is described most by warmth and comfort. To depict the season correctly, decorate your house with plaid patterns, pumpkins, or leaf designs. Use accent colors, such as browns, reds, oranges, or even dark greens.

Perhaps even use sounds of a crackling fire through your sound system to intensify the feeling of fall. That way, a person can thoroughly imagine themselves living in your home.


Winter is a time to rejoice and, as such, use accent colors, like silver, red, dark greens, or white. These colors depict the magic of the season while keeping religious preference at bay.

Consider even lighting a winter candle that smells like pine, spice, or even cookies. After all, a recent study found that scent triggers an emotional response. If a person is more emotionally invested with the home, they are more likely to purchase it.

Review These Staten Island Real Estate Tips Today

Staging a home for the seasons is no easy task. However, if you use the accent colors correctly, and use decorations when needed, you will invoke powerful emotions for that specific season.

Just remember, make the house feel like a home. Make it look like what a buyer wants to live in.

For more information about Staten island real estate tips, contact us today. We look forward to helping you.

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