The Best Way to Find Your Perfect Staten Island Neighborhood

The Best Way to Find Your Perfect Staten Island Neighborhood

  • 08/15/21

Considering moving to Staten Island? With beautiful sights to see, a reputation for being safe, and many activities to enjoy, Staten Island is a great choice for your next home.

There is just one problem: with a plethora of beautiful neighborhoods in Staten Island to pick from you might get overwhelmed! From the multi-cultured suburbs of Woodrow to the quaint shores of Oakwood Beach, Staten offers something for everyone.

Let us walk you through finding the perfect Staten Island neighborhood to suit you and your family’s needs.

Have a Budget

Different neighborhoods offer listings at various price points. While most Staten Island neighborhoods are welcoming, it’s important to set a budget when deciding.

This budget should be dependent on you or your family’s gross annual income. Generally, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) recommends that buyers set aside 31% of their income to pay a mortgage. More conservative estimates that factor in other yearly expenses recommend spending 28%, though.Also, consider the type of school you send your children to, any prior debts, or other expenditures.

In general, the median sale price of Staten Island homes was $590k for the second quarter of 2021. But depending on the neighborhood you choose, that price could be less or more.

Staten Island does house a fast-growing economy by itself. Neighborhood expansions could happen, and urbanization in different, less developed areas might occur. A home bought today could sell for a high profit in the future, which is a point worth noting.

Be Aware of Commute Times

Many people who live in Staten Island work in New York City or other nearby urban centers. Depending on where you live, commute times to your place of work can be longer or shorter.

Utilizing online tools can help you determine which neighborhoods offer optimal driving conditions. Or, if you are looking to work close to home, consider checking the walkability score of your area.

Keep in mind that there are many types of transit options available in the Staten Island area, too. Subways, ferries, busses, and even biking are all alternatives to driving.

Have Kids? Get the Breakdown on Schools and Activities

If you have kids who will be starting in the K-12 schools, it is important that you find a good environment for them. Luckily, Staten Island has a plethora of amazing schooling options to choose from.

The Niche grade for Staten Island (School District 31) is an A-, making it highly rated. There are several private and public secondary schools. Some popular colleges among Staten Island students include New York University, Stony Brook University, Cornell University, Columbia University, CUNY system colleges, and more.

Staten Island also maintains A averages in diversity, teaching quality, and clubs/activities.

Get an Expert to Narrow Down Neighborhoods in Staten Island That Suit You

No matter what stage you’re in while house hunting on Staten Island, a real estate agent can be an invaluable source of insight. Considering the many pros and cons of different real estate areas is tough, and an agent can narrow down the scope for you.

Moving to Staten Island can be a daunting task but let us make things easier and help you find which of the many neighborhoods in Staten Island is your family’s perfect fit. Contact one of our agents today.

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