What to Fix When Getting Ready to Sell Your Staten Island Home

What to Fix When Getting Ready to Sell Your Staten Island Home

  • 08/29/18

Staten Island is a family-oriented area, close to the benefits of Manhattan but with a unique vibe all its own. Homes in this area are in high demand as families want to move out of the city yet still be close to their jobs and the adventures of the Big Apple. With demand outpacing supply, Staten Island prices continue to climb.

You might be considering selling your Staten Island home or downsizing. Here is what you should consider fixing before you sell and why.

Weigh the Costs Against Value

No matter what you decide to improve or fix in your home before putting up the for-sale sign, you need to weigh the cost against how much you will be able to increase the market value of your home. Some upgrades or repairs may help your home show better but offer little regarding increasing the value.

Before you start putting money into your home, recognize that your ideas might leave you with limited return. Therefore, count the cost before starting the project.

Focus on Kitchens and Baths

If you have a limited budget for repairs, then focus on the kitchen and baths first. The rest of the house can benefit from a fresh coat of paint, but your kitchen and baths are going to be what sells the home. Does your kitchen feel tight or closed off from the rest of the house? You might not want to make structural changes, but with the right design elements, you can address the concerns that might turn a potential buyer off.

A minor kitchen or bath remodel can be a simple way to invest in your home and see an immediate increase in market value.

Determine What is Broken

Walking through your home, you need to have a buyer’s eye. What is broken and what stands out negatively? Those items could signal bigger problems to a potential buyer, making them shy away from making an offer or low balling their offer.

If your budget is limited, try to address as many of these items first. It will help your home to look move in ready, thus appealing to a larger number of potential buyers.

Tour the Competition

If you do not have any fixes, then be sure to tour homes for sale in your neighborhood. Look at the different amenities and see how they stack up to your house. You may find a few areas to improve in your home to make it marketable and help your home to stand out in the crowd.

For instance, if your kitchen is showing its age and most of the homes in the area have upgraded kitchens, then you want to focus your investment on the kitchen. You may not put in custom cabinets, but the point is that you give the room a fresh look that will appeal to your potential buyers.

Look for Cosmetic Fixes

Throughout your home, there are signs of your family’s daily life. It could be the worn carpet or the stains on the furniture. Consider replacing flooring that is showing its age and giving your home a deep cleaning. The point is to make it cosmetically appealing to potential buyers. Even a fresh coat of paint and rented furniture for staging can help you to showcase the positive qualities of your home. Buyers will not focus on how old the house looks, but on the aspects that bring real value to your home.

If you are looking to sell your Staten Island home, the market is very healthy right now with home values on the rise. You might find that in a seller’s market, you can get away with fewer improvements to your home. Still, the important fixes include addressing broken items and making sure the cosmetic aspects look fresh and clean. Also, consider remodels in the key areas of your home.

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