What to Know About Preparing for an Open House

What to Know About Preparing for an Open House

  • 12/20/17

When you’ve decided to sell your home, it’s understandable to be anxious. You just want it to be a smooth process so you can have the burden lifted and sell your home quickly. Not taking the time to make your home desirable, however, can make the process take longer.

One way to jumpstart your home’s sale is with an open house – if it’s done well, that is. For a successful one, check out our realtors’ expert tips for preparing for an open house:

Tips for Preparing for an Open House

As you work toward your open house, these tips can help you make it a great one.

#1: Get the Timing Right

Scheduling your open house takes more than finding an available block in your schedule. Sunday afternoons are usually best. Your open house should last at least two hours, but preferably four.

Keep an eye out for holidays and other occasions that might keep buyers away. Check the weather forecast, too – every home looks better on a sunny day.

#2: Host a Broker Preview

There are about 2,000,000 active real estate license holders in the U.S. You probably have hundreds locally and they’re all great resources. A broker preview is an advance open house to show your home to brokers.

A broker preview should be held before an open house so that agents can give their clients a heads-up and direct them to your property.

#3: Promote Your Home Online

Yard signs are still a necessity, but the web is a great resource when preparing for an open house.

Post the open house on social media and encourage friends and family to spread the word. Post it on real estate sites as well, including those for your local area. Even Craigslist can offer valuable publicity.

#4: Get Serious About Staging

Staging your home – making it attractive to buyers – is crucial before an open house.

Find ways to improve your “curb appeal” with better landscaping or a pressure washing.

Inside, de-cluttering is key. Moving some furniture into storage is a worthy investment. An open, airy design makes any space look larger. As a bonus, if you get rid of unneeded items in the process, it makes moving easier. Keep it neutral, remembering that the space doesn’t need to reflect your personality, but how the buyers might be able to live in it.

If you’re ambitious, paint walls with neutral colors that will appeal to anyone’s taste.

#5: Remove Non-Sale Items

If certain lighting fixtures or appliances aren’t for sale with the home, remove them if possible. You don’t want buyers to fall in love with them and back out of a sale when they find out what isn’t included.

Do this with discretion. If you’re not selling your stove, removing it may take too much of a toll on the look of your home. In this case, it makes more sense to leave it in the home for the open house.

#6: Give Pets a Getaway

Before an open house, arrange for any pets to stay elsewhere. Some buyers may be allergic and others may assume the pets have caused damage. Either way, use it as an opportunity to give your furry buddies a day out.

#7: Prepare Your Takeaways

Buyers often tour several open houses in an afternoon. Prepare a one-sheet summary of your home for them to take when they leave, including photos. Consider using cardstock instead of printer paper so your home stands out of the pack.

Making the Most of Your Open House

An open house is a huge opportunity for a seller in any situation. With these tips, you should feel much more prepared and confident about showing your home.

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