Why the Holidays are a great time to list your home

Why the Holidays are a great time to list your home

  • 12/22/20

With the end of 2020 almost here, you might be considering a change in your home for the new year. The reasons could be a need to downsize as your family leaves the nest or a need to find more space as your family grows. No matter what the reason, it might seem daunting to consider selling your home during the holidays.

Read on to learn a few of the reasons why the holidays could be the best time to list your home for sale and how a realtor in Staten Island can be a great help for your potential sale.

The Low Inventory in Winter

The truth is that there is often less housing inventory available during the winter months. The result is that if you position your home properly, then it might be less likely to sit on the market. If your home is located in a coveted neighborhood in Staten Island, your home will likely get more interest due to the low inventory.

Plus, you might be able to command a higher price simply because your home will not be dealing with a lot of competition. Many sellers do not want to list their homes during the holidays, as they see it being a lot of work to keep the house clean or they want to enjoy family time.

Winter Buyers Are Serious

Attracting the right serious buyer is not as complicated as you might think. These serious buyers will not have a large number of houses to tour, so they have more time to focus their attention on your home. That limited demand also allows you to command a higher price than you might have gotten during a busier real estate season, like the spring.

In line with this idea, you should stage your home for potential buyers. It can be easy to add warmth and a cozy feeling for those touring your home during the holidays. You might even offer cookies and hot chocolate to those individuals coming through your open house, adding to the homey feeling you want to create.

The truth is that a winter buyer is more likely to be serious because they are dealing with weather and house-hunting during the demanding holiday season. Plus, they do not want to waste time, resulting in a quicker sale.

As part of your staging efforts, you need to keep the sidewalks and steps free of snow and ice. Your realtor in Staten Island can give you additional staging tips to make sure your house stands out from others on the market in your neighborhood.

You can also take advantage of the festive season to add a bit of curb appeal through lights and other decorations. A word of caution, though, you do not want to go overboard and drown out the good qualities of your home’s architecture by putting up too many lights and other decorations. Be tasteful, not distracting, in your choices.

Take Advantage of Year-End Tax Breaks

Finally, sellers and buyers alike may take advantage of the end of the year tax breaks. This option allows you to enjoy a quick sale and your buyer to enjoy a deduction for a full year of mortgage interest, property taxes, and interest costs if the sale is completed before the end of the year.

The truth is that no one wants their home to sit on the market indefinitely. Picking the right season to put your house on the market can allow you to get the right price and find a serious buyer who will want to quickly complete the sale. Please take advantage of the opportunities available to create a cozy atmosphere for your potential buyers and contact one of our realtors in Staten Island today.

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